Exchange and Visiting Students

Short-Term Programs

Exchange Students

Students who would like to attend and earn academic credits as an exchange student may be nominated through one of the University's exchange partnerships. Students are also nominated for application to study here based on agreements with governmental agencies with whom we maintain agreements. The University of Minnesota accepts applications for exchange students who have been nominated by their home university. We encourage prospective exchange students to consult with their home university’s international office to be nominated. A formal agreement between the two universities/institutions must be in place for students to be eligible for “exchange student” status. Exchange students must be enrolled in full-time coursework in order to maintain their visa status. 

Visiting Students

Sometimes students who are pursuing degrees overseas are interested in coming to Minnesota “on exchange” for a period of time, but intend to perform research, write a thesis, or perhaps attend a class, but not enroll full-time. Federal regulations are quite specific about which kinds of activities can be allowed on various types of visas. Visiting student arrangements can only be obtained through GO Minnesota or with the sponsorship of a University of Minnesota academic department; they cannot be arranged independently by an individual student. Students who are interested in visiting the University of Minnesota through an affiliation with their home university must be nominated through their home university's international office.