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Transfer Application done! What's next?


Good job on getting those applications done! Now while waiting for the result, you may be wondering what to prepare as an international transfer student. Let me give you some advice, and most of my suggestion will be highly applicable to those who will be juniors.


  1. Check with your academic advisor to make sure you have all the liberal arts requirements fulfilled by the time you transfer because it may be cheaper to take those non-major classes at your current school and you will only have to focus on your major classes

  2. Continue to explore your desired major(s) by doing different activities and talking to experienced people. It saves you time to have decided a major when you come to the U instead of jumping all over the place

  3. Look for an internship during the summer, especially if you will be a junior, because internship recruitment starts early in fall, and it is competitive at the U (or anywhere else), so equip yourself with the most experience and skills as possible

  4. Make use of the resources available to learn about the school in advance. Contact us if you want; chances are there is someone who may have studied at the same school you’re going to who may offer you great insights about this preparation process


Good luck