Twin Cities

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Great Thanksgiving Feast with my Extended Family in MN!

Hello guys!!! Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving~ I know some of my friends enjoyed trips to New York City, Chicago and Seattle. For me, I just stayed in Minneapolis. It sounds lonely to stay here when most of my friends left for home. However, I was...
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Goodbye Autumn; Hello Winter

Hello everyone. Have you enjoyed the first snow this year? Here are some pretty pictures taken by my friends: I heard some of my Chinese friends joking and complaining about the "early" snow, compared to places they come from. But there are also...
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Have You Been to the Weisman Art Museum?

Hola, Last week ambassador Kevin (Justinus Hartoyo) and I went to visit the Weisman Art Museum (WAM). WAM features early twentieth-century American artists, such as Georgia O’Keeffe and Marsden Hartley, as well as a diverse selection of ceramics and...
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What Do you Know About the Minnesota Vikings?

Hola, Last weekend I went to the see the Minnesota Vikings play at the TCF Stadium. If you have seen them, you already know how the experience is... so the video will show you a lit bit of mine. However, this blog will measure how much you know...
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Wonderful Places to eat on the East Bank & West Bank

Needless to say, I am a fat boy. And what a fat boy loves is eating. When I was a primary school student, what I cared most about was what my mom would cook for lunch and dinner, and now, being a college student, my biggest hope is that UDS (...
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How to find fun things to do around the campus

It is Fall Carnival today! My friend and I went to Coffman to check it out. There are several fun activities here but one thing I found most interesting is the zorbing. Basically, you are put in a huge ball and then when you run in the ball, you...
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The Great Minnesota Get Together

Every year, 12 days before Labor Day (September 1st), the Minnesota State Fair official begins. This year was no different. The State Fair opened its door on Thursday, August 21st and ran until September 1st, and classes at the University of...
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End of summer nostalgia

"The summer break is officially over" I keep reminding myself as I read through the usual beginning of semester swarm of emails. Due dates, reminders, appointments, meetings; making sure my class schedule is in shape, my class syllabus and materials...
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Transportation methods around campus

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus is a great space divided by the city's main river: the Mississippi. The campus has buildings on both river banks; the East Bank; which, as its name indicates, is located on the East side of the river,...
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It's time for Restaurant Week! July 20-25, 2014!

Restaurant week starts Sunday, July 20 and goes through to Friday, July 25 , with 50 restaurants participating in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and a few in outlying suburbs. How it works: Participating restaurants offer a multi-course menu (with some...