Survival Guide

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First Few Weeks on Campus

The first weeks on campus are the best time to make friends and get used to the campus life. We international students have a head start. I highly recommend you to arrive 2-3 weeks before your I-20 entry date so that everything is settled by the...
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How to rule the Career and Intership Fair with 1000% confidence

Have you ever had a sense of being socially awkward? Especially in settings when you are surrounded by so many people like a Career and Internship Fair? You sweat a lot while talking with recruiters, and sometimes it is so annoying that before...
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Biking in Minneapolis

Hey guys! Did you know that Minneapolis is the most bike-friendly city in the U.S.? As a matter of fact, Minneapolis is the only city in the U.S. on the world's most bike-friendly list. Here's an article from the Star Tribune which talks about it...
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Finals Preparation

So it's that time of the semester again. This is the final stretch of the semester when students are doing their very best to achieve the desired results in their classes. This period is perhaps the most difficult time for most students as final...
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What is a Campus Connector?

It is a very cold day, and you are very tired of walking through the huge campus. What are the options? Campus Connector is a transport system that is provided by the University of Minnesota. It is a bus that is free for every student, and it...
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On-campus Vs. Off-campus living

Its very common for first year students at the university of Minnesota to live on-campus, meaning, live on the university residence halls, however, many people choose to live off campus once they get to their second, third and fourth years, and that...
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Ready for the snow? Here it comes!

Minnesota is famous for it harsh weather with snow for nearly 6 months straight. In addition to that, the wind also make it seems colder than it actually is. Facing the snow during school year might be joyful at first for some international students...
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Rejuvenate from the Stressful Midterms!

Hello gophers! Looking for a way to celebrate the end of your midterms? Rejuvenate by visiting the Arboretum! No matter what time of the year you go, there is always something at the Arboretum that can refresh you. Be it the beautiful flower gardens...
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University Events and the Middle of the Semester

We are right in the middle of the semester, and that means midterms, research, homework, and projects. But it is also a good time to get involved on campus (if you have not yet). It is the perfect time to get new friends and give yourself some time...
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How to Make the Best Out of College

Hello gophers! I hope that the coming midterms are not stressing you out! While college can be pretty overwhelming with a bazillion credits and homework assignments, the support of friends, peers and fun social activities can help alleviate that...