Social Life

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First Few Weeks on Campus

The first weeks on campus are the best time to make friends and get used to the campus life. We international students have a head start. I highly recommend you to arrive 2-3 weeks before your I-20 entry date so that everything is settled by the...
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Living Learning Community: Deadlines

Are you considering living on campus? Check out a Living and Learning Community (LLC). It is a place where you can live with peers with the same interests as yours. They offer over 30 interest-specific LLCs, and you get to choose which community...
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Why you have to join Cross-Cultural Discussion Group

Hey guys! Today I'm going to introduce Cross-Cultural Discussion Group, which I was a part of last semester. So basically it is a weekly discussion where you can share cross-cultural expriences and talk about various topics with other international...
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Come to St.Paul campus and Have Fun Here

Since I am in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Science, which resides exclusively on the beautiful and pastoral St. Paul campus, I spend most of my time taking classes and hanging out here. As you may know, there are not as...
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The Best of December? The Lights!

Every year the University of Minnesota student group Tesla Works puts on an amazing light and music show with over 200,000 LED lights. The show, a tradition now after its fifth year on campus, is presented the first and second weekends of December...
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New friends at the U

Get to know the campus in your first week Coming from a different country, I found it very difficult to start my new life at the U at the very beginning. I arrived on campus long before school started. I felt very lost, of course. I barely knew...
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Networking holiday!

Wait, what? Yes! it is not just a networking event nor just a holiday. It is a combination of both... I really hope everyone had an awesome holiday! If you did not, don’t worry I've been there too. I had so many memories on thanksgiving break, some...
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University Events and the Middle of the Semester

We are right in the middle of the semester, and that means midterms, research, homework, and projects. But it is also a good time to get involved on campus (if you have not yet). It is the perfect time to get new friends and give yourself some time...
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U of M Homecoming 2015 by Sophie & Ocean

A few weeks ago, Ocean and I went to the 2015 UMN Homecoming Parade . What is a homecoming parade? You may ask, well, homecoming parade is the time that school c reated to encourage maroon spirit and to increase interest in attending Gopher athletic...
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Paint the Bridge @ The U of M

Every fall semester, the inside panels of Washington Avenue Bridge are covered in white paint, waiting for the student groups on campus to showcase their creativity and their group activities! Paint the Bridge is an annual 3-day event, where student...