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Little experiences in the big America

This vague thing called culture… How do you feel it? What does it taste like? Is it bitter like a cold medicine or exciting like a trip to Disneyland? For me culture is in little things that make my world. After coming to the US my world changed,...
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Prospective Students Visit Campus

What is the first impression of the U of M to you? Is it a huge university to you? Or here has so many people on campus? Anyway, no matter what you think about the U of M, there is always a great place to study and to develop your future. I am glad...
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Cheap cleaning tips

Here are a few cleaning tips for those need to move out of a place Dirty oven Spray the entire oven with a water bottle, and pour a thick layer of baking soda. Leave it there for a few hours, then wipe down the paste with a cloth. Repeat the step if...