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Getting a cold

When you get a cold, you feel the worst. You cannot get up from bed but need to go to a class. If you are not going to the class, you are going to fall behind in class...

Don't worry! Everyone gets sick, and professors know that! I catched a cold last week and could not go to one of the classes. Fourtunately, I didn't miss anything important, but I was a little bit behind everyone else. Here are the things that I did and you should do when getting a cold!

1. Get a medicine and take a rest!

Health is the most important thing, of course! It is okay to take a rest and prepare for the next things coming up. You just should finish the homework at least and get sleep as much as possible. Before getting worse and longering the sickness, it is better to feel better as soon as possible and catch up quickly!  Besides sleeping, you need to take medicine as well (of course!). Speaking of medicine, you should get the one that fits you well. I brought some drugs that I had been using since I was little, but they were gone, so I need to get the drugs here. I explored some, and here is the drug that I like and recomend!

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 10.55.05 AM_0.png

The right one is for multi-symptom, and it contains daytime and nighttime (there are some similar ones by Vicks too). The left one is not a medicine and just a suppliment. But I think this vitamin helps me most! If you have any restrictions on medecine, you should ask a doctor before getting these.

2.Email professors if you need to skip classes

Attendance is really important at university; simply skipping a class is affecting your grade. If you know that you cannot make it to class, you should email professors to avoid deductions. Also, you can ask them that there are something important that you miss or materials that they cover on that day. If there is a quiz or an exam, you should make sure that you can make up for it. Many professors allow you to take the exam on another day, yet there are some professors who never allow any excuses to do make-up. If it is the case, you have to go even when you don't feel good. Another case is that professors don't take attendance at all so that you can skip classes freely. You still should email them! It is polite to email them; you can show respect to the professors who prepares for every class.

3.Go see a doctor if it is really bad or worse

It is safe to say that the best and fastest way to recover from sickness is to see a doctor. All of the internatinal students at university have to have student health plan and can acess to the health service. Boynton Health is where you can go whenever you are sick. To save time, you can make an appointment or call them to see a doctor. Boynton also provides flu shots, destress service, medical checkups and etc. You should take advantage of the services since you are paying the plan! Go to https://boynton.umn.edu/  to make an appointment and see the other services that you can use.


Always stay healthy is the best. Sleeping well, eating healhty, and wearing properly are that we can do to avoid sickness, and have a good healthy winter!