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Apply for Leadershape today!

Hello all! Do you have plans for winter break? If you are not going back home but willing to have "family" fun time, Leadershape is right for you!

What is Leadershape?

LeaderShape is a six-day intensive leadership development experience devoted to bringing your values, passion, and vision to reality. Participants will experience individual, small group, and large group activities as well as learn to lead with integrity while working toward a vision to make a positive impact on your community. I can personally attest that LeaderShape helped me develop my leadership style to become more congruent with my values and as a result I've become a much more effective leader every day.

I participated in Leadershape in January 2016. The whole week was the highlight for my winter break. I tried sliding for the very first time. It was sooo cold but so much fun. Did I mention the great time with friends?

Here are all 2016 LeaderShapers.

Here is my "family". Wolf Gang :D

How much does the program cost?

All lodging, food, and transportation for the week will be provided for a total cost of $75 thanks to our generous sponsors.

How to apply?

To apply, visit https://leadershape.org/Account/Login?ReturnUrl=/applications/apply/3433 and set up a profile.

Hope you have a great time being a Leadershaper!