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Interesting classes you do not want to miss!

While registering for classes you will have a lot to choose from- courses required for your major , liberal education requirements and so on. As a freshman, you may take classes with 200 students in them, thus making it tougher to have discussions and voicing your opinions. So if you are worried about these thing, do not worry because I have a solution for you - freshman and honors seminars!

Seminars are classes with around 20 students in a discussion based setting. They address interesting topics such as Fantasy stories, music and even the fun side of statistics! Some of the seminars fulfil liberal education requirements, whereas others can be taken as electives. As  I mentioned earlier, there are mainly two types of seminars offered - freshman and honors taken by freshman and students in the honors program respectively. 

Even though I did not get a chance to take a freshman seminar, I did take a honors one ; and  I have to say, it was one of the best decisions I've made. The seminar I'm currently taking is called 'Psychology of the Paranormal' and we talk about things such as fortune telling, pyschokinesis and ghosts. We even had a guest visit by a psychic in this class! 

Therefore, if you are interested in taking a fun class that also contributes to your knowledge bank, definitely look into seminars. They may provide a break from the tough physics, math and economics you might have to take!