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I decided my major from working at Papa John's Pizza!

During my two years at a community college before transferring to the U, I knew that I would want to pursue a degree in Business. I had some ideas in mind about either Accounting or Finance, partly because many people say that it would help me find a job more easily, and also because I thought having firm knowledge about how money works is definitely crucial in the business world.

Accounting and Finance are undoubtedly great majors, but...maybe not for me. During my first two semesters at the U, I took some Accounting and Finance classes. However, I did not quite enjoy them, and I realized I did not have the drive to go further with this. Then out of curiosity, I decided to take a programming class, which is a requirement for the Management Information System (MIS) major, and I actually liked it a lot. I thought if I could use my knowledge about technology to communicate with the computer or software engineers to create or improve a business system, it would be really helpful. At about the same time, I was filling in for a sick worker at Papa John’s Pizza where I managed the cash register. It was just a simple job that I did not need much time to get used to. However, in order to check out just a can of coke, I had to click too many command buttons, and if I accidentally chose the wrong option, it would take forever to void it. There was another lady working that night shift with me, and she said, “Tell me when we’re out of pizzas, but if the register doesn’t work, I don’t know anything to help you with.” At that point, I realized that even though it may not be a hard task for some of us who are more technology-driven, lots people working as cashiers do not necessarily know how to deal with computerized systems if problems occur.


From that experience, I have determined that I would pursue a degree in MIS to learn more about managing and improving business systems using the advanced technology we have. I also hope to someday create a system that is “sophisticated yet simple” that is accessible to even the person who has the least knowledge about technology.

So, if you are also not sure which major you would want to pursue, my advice is to go out there, do things that you like, talk to people to explore your interests and passion.