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Living in the Dorms


Three students smile while taking a selfie

Often all you hear about residential halls is negative aspects. However, residential halls have a benefit attached to them, that surpasses all these issue. Even though, it is not compulsory for first year students to stay in on campus housing, I would highly recommend you to do so because my experience has been nothing short of rewarding. You can clearly see that in the picture above with my roommates!

Proximity is a major factor that plays into the friends you make at college. Three of my closest friends live on the same floor as me, and one of them is my roommate. In fact, her and I are so close, that we are living together next year as well.

There are community engagement events held by the CAs that can help you get involved, and furthermore you can even start your own group for your residential hall.

If you want to live with fellow international students, you have the option of living in the Students Crossing Borders LLC in Middlebrook Hall. This LLC would specifically be a home away from home, as you’ll be living with others from your own country and the rest of the world and therefore helping reduce the homesickness even further.

I would strongly recommend you to apply for on campus housing to get the  rewarding college experience that you aim for.