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UMN summer research series – Fabio Hodo

Hi guys,

Now that it is summer, our ambassadors are on their break. Many students choose to use this time to go back home and relax, work, take summer classes or do research at the university, among other things. We wanted to do a special series at this time to highlight the ambassadors that are engaging in research over the summer.

We start with Fabio. Fabio is a student from Albania who is studying aerospace engineering here at the U. Fabio’s research is related to mapping how people move, particularly their legs. This field of study has undergone a boom of interest and investment of late, since the goal is to develop better prosthetics and hopefully ones that mimic as close as possible actual human movements.

The first few steps of his research, the phase in which he is now, is developing the sensor to capture movements and transmit the data back to the computer. After that he’ll mount the device on himself and take it for a jog or a run or even to play soccer. We’re eager to see the result of his research!

I caught up with him as he was working at the Student Shop in the Mechanical Engineering Building:

medium_20160617_131517.jpg                                         medium_20160617_131449.jpg

Fabio works mostly at the Student Shop, a room where undergraduate and graduate students can use to work on their projects for free! They've got some really impressive equipment:

medium_20160617_131543.jpg                                            medium_20160617_131549.jpg

Good luck to Fabio in his research, next time we'll check out one of our other abassadors' projects.