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Your UMN Advisor

Hi guys!

Thinking about all the incoming students that we’ll be seeing around campus soon (and also the current students who don’t use this resource often), I’d like to tell you about your Academic Advisor.

Academic Advisors are your go-to resource for academic questions at the University of Minnesota. You will have the same advisor throughout your entire stay at the University, that way you can develop a personal connection with them and they can clearly understand what is important to you and how to work to achieve it in the long run.

Your Academic Advisor will be one of the first contacts you will have at the University of Minnesota. You will meet him or her during your Orientation and this first contact will be geared towards determining what your major is or at least what area it will be in. After that, your advisor will help you determine which classes to register for, and give you an idea of the future classes you will need to take to stay on track to graduate in four years.

Once your semester starts, your advisor will continue to be available to help you out with academic issues or questions, as well as plan your future semesters. A couple of things they can assist you with are: selecting courses (for your major and for your liberal education requirements), connecting with opportunities and services in the University, understanding academic policies and directing you to the best resource if your questions fall outside the academic scope. In essence, they are there to help you make the best decisions possible for your college career!



My advice to all of you would be to develop a good connection with your advisor as soon as you get here and to never be shy or afraid to turn to them with questions, they’re here to help!