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The Festival of Colors: Holi at UMN!

You may or may not be familiar with Holi. It is an Indian festival of colors, with a mythological origin signifying the triumph of good over evil.  On this day, people go out onto the streets with colored powder and throw these at friends, family and neighbors. There are also water guns and balloons to accompany this, along with Bollywood music in the background to dance to!

At UMN, Holi is hosted by the Indian cultural student group “Bharat UMN”. The official date of Holi is during the first couple of weeks in March. However due to the delayed transition from winter to spring in Minnesota, on the UMN campus we celebrate Holi much later, in April when the weather outdoors is warm, sunny and just ideal to run around throwing colors at people and dance to fun Bollywood music! You do not have to be Indian to celebrate Holi; in fact, this is one of the events on campus with the largest turn-outs every year, open to the public with about 1000 people across cultures coming down with their friends, getting together to have fun.

Here are some pics from my Holi celebration this year!