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BRAZUSC, the Brazilian Undergraduate Student Conference:

Hi guys, I wanted to share with you all the great opportunity I had this semester, which was to attend the Brazilian Student Association event in Chicago. BRASA is an association created by Brazilian students that were obtaining their undergraduate degrees in the United States. Their idea was to create a network of Brazilians that were going through the same experience, of studying in a foreign country. With this, they hoped to foster our own culture outside of Brazil and also to inspire people to use this fantastic knowledge we are obtaining here to make a difference in the future of our own country.

I joined the association last year and I was very impressed at their level of engagement and dedication. Every year they hold this large event called BRAZUSC  at a university in the US where Brazilian students from all around the US and the world can come and listen to talks and panels with important and influential figures in Brazilian politics, business, economics, justice, health and more. This year the conference was held in Chicago, at the University of Chicago, which was very convenient for me since it was just a short plane ride away.

The event was very impressive. Over 350 students showed up from many different universities, it was very fun to talk to them and listen about their experiences. The panels themselves were fantastic , a couple of the most notable ones were by Sergio Moro, the Judge responsible for presiding over one of the largest corruption busts in the history of Brazil, and by Persio Arida, an important economist that helped shape Brazil both in the public and private fronts. It was an incredible experience to listen to these brilliant people and I believe it made everyone feel excited about the future of our country, even in these turbulent times.

Here are some pictures of the event:



Also, as a side note, Chicago is a beautiful city, worth a visit if you’re around! ;)