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Undergraduate Research Symposium 2016!

Every year, the University of Minnesota hosts a research symposium intended for undergraduates across all colleges/majors to present posters or oral presentations of research they conducted through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) or, in the case of Honors students, research they conducted to qualify for the Honors thesis in their major.

Research symposia are great venues to communicate new scientific findings in particular fields to experts in that field, to professionals in other fields, or the visiting public in general. Experts in the field viewing your poster/oral presentation might provide constructive feedback and ideas on new directions for research, and for others not in the field; it will serve as an educating source. You can also state that you presented at the symposium on your resume! The highlight of the UMN annual symposium is that it offers free registration for UMN students, as well as free poster-printing facilities! Many scientific research symposia assess a fee for registration.

The April 29th, 2016 symposium was my first time presenting a research poster, and it was a very valuable experience! Though at first I was concerned that no one would stop by my poster panel, ultimately about 5 professors and visitors stopped by to listen to my elevator speech and ask questions about my project. I learned about the importance of creating effective posters and communicating scientific research clearly to diverse audiences. Below is a picture of me by my poster!

So I encourage you to get involved in research related to your major while you are at the U, and partake in the whole process including presenting at the symposium! Go to this link for more information on registering for the symposium, creating posters and other related resources: http://ugresearch.umn.edu/events/undergraduate-research-symposium