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Need to write a paper for your final exam?

Some courses at the University of Minnesota require students to write Papers during the semester and as their final exams. Good thing that the University offers a great service at the Student Writing Support that can help you in every step of the writing process, face-to-face or online. Undergraduate and graduate students talk with consultants, and during a session they discuss about the work in progress and how to meet the goals of the student for the paper.

Writing in English in an academic level can be a challenge even for those that have English as their first language. However, at the Student Writing Support, there are consultants that work with students that are writing in various academic disciplines, and with students that have different cultural and language backgrounds. These consultants are prepared to work with non-native speakers, and they will help students with language and grammar, writing style, as well as with understanding and meeting the expectations of English readers.

I frequently visit the Student Writing Support because it is a good way to revise the paper before handing it in, and a big help to improve my writing skills. I highly recommend the Student Writing Support, and I encourage people to take advantage of this great service at the University.

If you are interested in this service and want more information, check their webpage and meet the consultants. http://writing.umn.edu/sws/multilingual/index.html#mlvideo

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