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Things you have to know before class registration

Hey guys! As we’re nearing the end of this semester, there’s one thing you should keep an eye on; class registration for fall semester is coming! Some classes get filled up really quickly, so you should plan ahead in order to successfully enroll in courses you are hoping to take next semester. So today I would like to tell you guys a couple of things you should do before enrolling in class for next semester.


1. Know your registration time

All university students are assigned a registration time each semester to ensure fair access to classes. You are able to check your own registration date and time on Academics – Registration tab on MYU. You do not need to register exactly at your assigned time; you can register at, or anytime after your assigned time.

2. Check your graduation requirement and build your class schedule 

Your APAS report shows how much of your graduation requirement you have fulfilled. If you’re unsure about what courses you should take for your major/minor, check out the academic catalog (http://www.catalogs.umn.edu/ug/) and see what is required for your degree. Also, use schedule builder(https://schedulebuilder.umn.edu/) to create your class schedule! 

3. Schedule an appointment with an academic advisor

Once you have chosen a couple of courses you would like to take, the next step is to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor in your college or your major department. It’s getting harder to meet with an advisor as the registration date is approaching, so start early!

4. Be sure not to exceed enrollment limitation

Undergraduate students who enroll for more than 12 credits qualify or a tuition incentive. Normally students take at least 15 credits per semester to stay on track for graduation in four years but it totally depends on your graduation plan and your major requirement. Undergraduate students cannot enroll for more than 20 credits per semester (15 for summer term) without college approval. Some colleges or programs might have different minimum/maximum credit limit, so check with your advisor. For Economics major, you can only take up to three ECON courses in fall/spring and up to two in summer.

5. Clear your holds if you have any on your account

You might have holds on your student account mostly for a financial reason (unpaid tuition or fees). If a hold is on your record, you may not be able to register for your class so make sure you remove your hold from your account (by paying the debt owed) before your registration date.

6. If you’re retaking courses, check class repetition rules

Students can repeat a course once but the petitions to request to take a course a third time are rarely approved, not to mention a fourth time. Class repetition policies vary depending on your college or major (for Economics major, you can only retake ECON courses in summer term). 


Good luck on your registration!