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My trip to University of Minnesota Morris

Hello guys! Do you know how many campuses are within the University of Minnesota system?  

Well, the answer is 5. (Crookston, Twin Cities, Morris, Rochester and Duluth)

Although I have been studying at the Twin Cities campus for one and a half years, I had not visited any other campuses. But by attending the 5th Annual System-wide Student Engagement Leadership Forum on Sustainability (SELFsustain), I had the chance to visit the University of Minnesota - Morris on April 1 and 2. It was such a great experience to visit the Morris campus and meet students from all five campuses. 

During the two-day conference, we listened to inspiring speeches by alumni and had round table discussions about sustainability. My favorite part was the Morris green tour. Although Morris campus is not as large as the Twin Cities’, it is really beautiful and unique.

Believe it or not, there are two wind turbines on the Morris campus and the University owns one of these two turbines. The 230-foot turbine provides the University of Minnesota Morris with 5.6 million kilowatt hours of power each year; this is more than half of UMM's annual electricity requirement. The University of Minnesota Morris also has a biomass gasification plant and a 32 panel solar thermal array that heats a large recreational swimming pool. How cool the campus is!
Here are some pictures I took at Morris campus.
Student Center
Student artwork displayed in the Student Center.
Dining Hall
I had a great trip to Morris and great time at SELFsustain.

SELFsustain will be held in Duluth next year. I encourage everyone to attend!