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My experience at the University of Minneapolis Job and Internship fair

The U of M Job and Internship Fair was definitely an enriching experience for me.

At the fair, there were over 350 organizations looking for talented and enthusiastic students willing to be part of their teams. As it was my first time being there, I must confess I was nervous but after I went to a couple of booths, I was not nervous anymore. It could be overwhelming, however, it helped me that before attending the fair I followed the steps given on the University of Minnesota Job and Internship fair guidebook, and the advice from Ambassador Anh Hoang on his blog “How to rule the Career and Internship Fair with 1000% confidence.” By doing research and preparing for the fair, I felt confident during my interviews. The recruiters of the companies I was interested in looked at my resume and I asked them questions about the companies, their available job positions and internships. Certainly, there is nothing to lose, I walked around and talked with different companies by showing interest and passion while making connections and networking. It was a great opportunity to get my name out there, and learn more about the working environment. At the end, I realized that there were great opportunities laid out for me, it is also less confusing than looking online trying to find a job or an intership. Furthermore, I made professional connections with the recruiters because they got to know who I am, what I was looking for, my strengths, experiences, interests, and career goals. I just had to smile and give it a try!