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Come to St.Paul campus and Have Fun Here

Since I am in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Science, which resides exclusively on the beautiful and pastoral St. Paul campus, I spend most of my time taking classes and hanging out here. As you may know, there are not as many events going on at the St. Paul campus as there are in Coffman Memorial Union on the East Bank campus. But you should not miss all the fun events happening in Saint Paul!

This Friday, I went to Sust Tunes which happened in the atrium at the Learning Environmental Sciences building. Sust Tunes was a themed musical event. The music was all inspired by different elements of earth-flora,fauna,water, and terra. I enjoyed the peaceful music as well as the delicious free food with my friend. It was a great relaxing evening!


But wait a minute... There's more.

I went to another event just acrossing street at the St.Paul student center. It was Night with Jenna Marbles planned by Student Unions and Activities (SUA). There were so many students that the North Star Ballroom was fully packed. Jenna shared her stories about making Youtube videos and answered andiences' questions afterwards. The room was filled with laughers throughout the event.  


What a fun night at the St.Paul campus!