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U of M Homecoming 2015 by Sophie & Ocean

A few weeks ago, Ocean and I went to the 2015 UMN Homecoming Parade . What is a homecoming parade? You may ask, well, homecoming parade is the time that school created to encourage maroon spirit and to increase interest in attending Gopher athletic events. The University of Minnesota has celebrated Homecoming since 1914. It was very cool because last year was the 100 year anniversary! Every year students and alumni gather together to dedicate to honor the spirit of the maroon and gold and this year’s theme is “Gopher State of Mind". During the parade, marching band plays the exciting golden gopher fight songs and students from different colleges, clubs and organizations form teams to show their spirits. You can enjoy the parade and, in the meantime, get lots of gifts! Hope to see you all in Homecoming Parade next year.