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Minnesota Twins - Student Days!

Baseball is commonly known as America's Pastime. With a vast amount of teams and leagues in the United States, pretty much every major city has a team you can root for! Here in Minnesota, we have the Minnesota Twins.


The name of the team comes from the nickname of Minneapolis and St. Paul known as the Twin Cities. This year, the team has been surprisingly well so I've been trying to go to as many games as possible. Enjoying the smell of fresh popcorn, eating some peanuts and enjoying the nice sunny, summer weather with a bunch of my friends.

Something the Twins do (that's very similar to something the MInnesota Timberwolves do) is has a "student deal" for certain games. Like the Timberwolves promotion, every Wednesday game is only $5 for anyone with a student ID. All you have to do is bring in your ID, your money and you're set! It's so nice because five dollars is extremely cheap for a Major League Baseball game. It's also nice because the field is a 5-10 minute bus ride or lightrail ride from the UMN campus! You can hop on public transit and step out of the bus/train and be less than 20 feet from the gates. It's super convenient!


The thing with these tickets is that they are considered "standing room" tickets so you don't actually have an assigned seat. Throughout the field, Target Field, are a bunch of places to stand and watch the game. There's a section out in the outfield with a table you can lean on that faces the field. Up near the home plate, there's space behind the seats so you don't have to stand in the sun or rain if you don't want to.

If there are open seats, you can simply sit down in them. Usually this is only for seats in the higher sections. Regardless, it's an extremely fun time.

For more information on the Student Days, click here.