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Design of Medical Devices Conference

The University of Minnesota hosts the Design of Medical Devices (DMD) Conference every Spring at the McNamara Alumni Center and the Commons Hotel on campus. The annual event brings together an international community of scientists, engineers and physicians to present and discuss key developments in the design of medical devices. 

Image: Venues for the Conference - McNamara Alumni Center and the Commons Hotel

The DMD Conference in Minneapolis is considered to be the the largest conference in the world pertaining to medical devices and a DMD Europe is also organized annually in collaboration with the DMD Conference in Minneapolis. 

Reason for Minneapolis being at the forefront of MEDICAL DEVICES Research: The Twin Cities area houses headquarters of a large number of medical device companies that have developed life-saving devices. The invention of the first PACEMAKER by Earl Bakken and the creation of Medtronic, one of the largest medical device manufacturers strengthened the foundation of medical device research in the state of Minnesota. Boston Scientific, Mayo Clinic and St. Jude Medical joined Medtronic in making Minnesota a haven for healthcare and medical research.

The DMD Conference 2015 was held from April 13-16, 2015 and had several sponsors. The different types of sponsors and the number of sponsors determine the success of this event. Every Medical Technology company or any company that has divisions in healthcare including software solutions and IT helped make the event a grand success. 

Image: The sponsors for the event; These companies participated in a Career Fair on April 15, 2015 as part of the DMD Conference

KEYNOTE Speeches:

The speakers invited were experts in their respective fields and had a lot of experience. Each speaker helped make the speech as relevant as they culd to the medical device space. There was a lot of discussion about 3D Printing and Rapid prototyping, Entrepreneurship and Startups, Medicals Costs and Health Insurance, Clinical studies, Product design and Business Development. 

Conference Presented By:

Major Role: Medical Devices Center

Academic Health Center

College of Science and Engineering

Institute of Engineering in Medicine

Mechanical Engineering

Office of University Economic Development