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Finals are back, no!

It's that time of year again, finals week. The most stressful part of any college students' career is finals, regardless of what degree you're going for. This past week was actually the last week of classes for every student. Next week is finals week where professors are given a certain time slot for them to distribute their final. The way it works is rather confusing actually, but you will never have any finals at the exact same time which is a huge relief.


It's based on when your classes are during the week. For example, if you had a class this semester at 8 am (Monday, Wednesday or Friday), your final would be 10:30 am on Tuesday, May 12th.

If you had a class at noon MWF, your final would be 1:30 pm on Thursday, May 14th. 

The OneStop website provides a detailed schedule of how it works.

It's kind of nice having an exam on the first day (Tuesday, May 12) because then you're done with it right away. On the other side of the spectrum though, it can also be nice. Having a final on the Friday (May 15) can be helpful too if you want/need more time to study.

I luckily only have one final next week on Tuesday at 8 am!

Good luck to all the students next week as they take on their exams!