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Exhibits at Wilson Library

Now that the school year is almost over, students should appreciate some of the facilities we have on campus. Libraries are often used to study and we, as viewers, don't spend time looking at the exhibitions. Currently, there are different exhibits at Wilson Library and two of them are a portrayal of issues of our contemporary world. The first one is entitled @ I.EYE is an exploration of self-portray (selfies) by curators Cydney Evert and Mikaela Harrod. They state that our world is obsessed with selfies, which has become a "global epidemic". However, they also explore the beauty that social media brings nowadays, for example, instagram allows the users to know themselves at a more personal level by using their app. Do you agree with this statement? 

The second exhibit is entitled Exquisite Corpse which explores the relationship between anatomy and physiology, and shows how "Medical professional have been illustrating and mapping out the body from an early age, as a way to visualize prospective courses of treatments" (Eliena Eide's statement). This exhibit also aims to analyze the beauty and the delicacy of our human bodies and how they are omnipresent. You should come and see the exhibit and reflect about our bodies functionality. 

Wilson Library