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Who should you go to for help during Finals Week?

Here at the U of M, we only have one more week of classes, and you know what comes after that? FINALS WEEK!

Everywhere on campus, you can see students studying in the library, printing out materials to review for finals. Let me tell you the secret to prepare for finals... (Shh, promise don't tell anyone this secret!)

The secret: Your professor's office hours.

Office hours is when you can literally go to your professor's office, sit there and ask them any questions about class, tests, and even just chat about life in general. At the beginning of the semester, your professor will give you his or her office hours schedule for the semester. Most students don't utilize the precious 2 or 3 hours a week that their professor provides because they don't know what to talk about when facing the professor. My tip to you is that your professor is there to help you, not to scare you away! In addition, getting to know your professor well is an excellent way to make the big lecture a little smaller, and professors always love seeing their students asking questions.

So, don't be shy, there's always a first time for everything, and going to office hours, with no doubt, is the most fantastic way to make your college experience valuable.