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Human Computer Interaction in Computer Science

It's not always about CODING!!!  Computer science gave people two impressions: -Write lots of codes  -0 and 1. However, HCI may change your impression a lot.

Human computer interaction (HCI) is a relatively new research area in computer science, and it's an interdisciplinary area. People approach their research in a human-centered fashion. We are not only focused on how to make computer faster and better here, but we try to utilize computer to help our daily lives and tasks. HCI involves computer science, sociology, and psychology to create better interfaces, to improve human-human interactions, and to tailor computer technology to the needs of an individual or organization. In UMN, our HCI research lab focuses on collaborative computing and recommender system. Our work tried to understand how people work together and interact with each other using computers. 

For example, some people here studied Wikipedia, Facebook, and Pinterest. Those are the website popular around the world and our research can potentially improve tons of users' experience. A recommender system helps us find things within too much options and we can survive from information overloads. MovieLens, an University of Minnesota owned website, recommends movies to people based on their own interests. If you watched a movie and really enjoy it, you could use MovieLens to find similar movies rather than asking around. It may find you some hidden treasures.  

If you are interested of HCI@UMN, please check GroupLens website for more information.