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Culture Programming at ISSS

Greetings from graduate student and ISSS employee Lucy today! I wanted to take a moment to teach you about a great opportunity by ISSS for all international students at the U of M – Culture Corps.

ISSS has some great programming for international students (like the Buddy Program, Small World Coffee Hour, and Cross-cultural discussion) but did you know that YOU can share your ideas and your own culture with the U of M too?

With Culture Corps, you can create your own project to share something about your culture, and receive a stipend to help facilitate the project! More information can be found at the ISSS website here. All international students are welcome to participate, so bring some great ideas with you!

An example of a Culture Corps Project is coming up this Friday, May 2nd at 1 pm in STSS building – “What you don’t know about Chinese food”. A Chinese student is interested in teaching others on campus what food from her homeland is all about, and is not what we might see in Chinese fast food restaurants. Using food as a “gateway” to learning about culture is a great idea!

This event is free and open to anyone. Come hungry, to try some traditional Chinese dishes. See you there, and I hope to see you and your ideas on campus next semester!