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Tripe Tripe Tripe!

I ate 9 tripe sandwiches over three days.



When talking about Florence, or with little bit artistc name, Firenze, people would think about the Renaissance. All those names, Dante, Petrarch, Giovanni Boccaccio; da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo as well as their master pieces: Decameron, Divine Comedy, Mona Lisa, Last Supper, Madonna of the Meadow, Beers deity Bacchus, Doomsday Book, campidoglio. They are not only make me feel small but also make me hungry since I have to walk my way around to witness their mighty.

So what shall I eat?

Firenze is in Tuscany, is known for its Florentine steak. Juicy and fat steak is like a huge treat for non-vegetarian. But on the one hand I don't have time sit down and enjoy the meat since there's lots of work to see, on the other hand I wish I could try something that I may not be able to have somewhere else.

Then I found the answer:

Tripe! Tripe! Tripe!

The food is called lampredotto. It is a very local street food in Firenze that can be rarely found anywhere else. And most importantly, IT IS DELICIOUS!!!

Lampredotto is basically a tripe sandwich. The tripe will be boiled in a well prepared soup for a long time so it become very tender and very soft. Then, when put into the sandwich, it would be cut into small pieces and mixed with pepper, salt, and chili sauce. The bread will be dipping into the soup to get more flavor.

Like this


Or this



Since it is a typical street food, you are expected to get it in somewhere like this:



Or this:


The guy who was buying in the picture got 3 lampredotto, the guy who took this picture got 4.

Then, you eat like this:

Firenze is a city people use their eyes to see it, their feet to measure it and their souls to feel it.

I use my eyes to see, my feet to measure, my soul to feel, and my tongue to taste.