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Good Bye to IBP

This Saturday International Buddy Program had the last event organized by the current team. Every year they hire international students to continue with the task of helping new international students get properly settled in at the U of M in order to become successful participants of the campus life not just passive onlookers.

This passing academic year, being part of IBP taught me to be part of the team, to overcome differences and conflicts on the way to the shared goal, to respect and value the opinion and input of the co-workers and friends.

What one cannot do, can always be achieved by a team. This is one of the most important lessons University of Minnesota gave me.

It was amazing to see the difference in people, to hear how helpful and exciting it was for them, how encouraging being a buddy is; and how awesome it feels to be the one who can help and share experience as a mentor. It is difficult to describe but so easy to experience!
Pretty soon the next team will open the applications for new mentors and buddies for the next academic year. My only wish is for IBP to be recognized by domestic students as well as by international. We were always missing that important participation from American students who most often do not have any connection or knowledge of IBP or other ISSS programs.

There is a missing link of connection even for those, who would otherwise become good friends – if only they knew about opportunity to communicate with each other!

During one year you can only do so much and come up with so many ideas, but just like with everything else, team work can help here as well: if you have suggestions on how to connect domestic and international students, please share your ideas on this blog or send it to our email at ibp@umn.edu.
IBP has changed so many lives and your ideas can help us do it even better!


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