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Carlson School of Management - Business Week

Hi everyone!


Is there anyone who love free food while having a chance to interact with professionals from real business world? If you are, I think you would like the post about Carlson Business week.

There was Business Week from Carlson school of Management. Business Week is a one-week celebration focusing on Carlson Students and the connection Carlson has to the business community. It should be great opportunity for students who are interested in interacting with professionals and learning more about corporate culture and working environment. Also, there was free breakfast and lunch sponsored by the corporate such as General Mills, EY, Kohls, Ecolab, Cargil, and Travelers. Along with free breakfast and lunch, there was G.O.L.D Alumni Networking Event, Business Day dinner, Plane Event, and Securian Etiquette Dinner for which you have to register beforehand. If you specifically want to connect with Public, Local, Abroad, Non-profit and Entrepreneurial companies, you can join in the dinner for a brief presentation, networking, and of course, some food!