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Applying to graduate school

As a transfer student, graduation is right around the corner. Some of you are considering going on to graduate school. Here are some tips from myself, as I applied for a master degree in counseling psychology.

  1. Give yourself enough time to prepare for GRE (Graduate Record Examination). You are required to be able to use and recognize plenty of difficult vocabulary, and reading The New York Times, The Economists, and scientific journal articles would help in building up vocabulary.
  2. Another way to prepare for GRE is using practice books that you can get from the bookstore or enrolling in a prep class offered by the UMN.
  3. Get involved in volunteer and research laboratory.
  4. Make use of the career center for revision in personal statement and resume.
  5. Connect with graduate students and professors to get a better sense of what a graduate program is like.
  6. Maintain a good GPA.
  7. Research graduate programs that interest you the most.
  8. Ask someone who knows you the best at your workplace or volunteer centers for writing a recommendation letter.
  9. If possible, take the introduction class of the field that you are interested in graduate school. I took introduction to counseling psychology, and what I learned has helped me in interviews and writing my personal statement.