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My Work

Hey guys! I wanted to talk about my work this time.

I have always wanted to get a job while I am in America. I remember getting an internship at an insurance company called "Massmutual" when I was in high school, however I was later revoked during my document process by Homeland Security because F-1 students are able to work only when you go to college. :(

When I came to the U, I wanted to work at a place that works with numbers and University Dining Service (UDS) seemed like something that many people around me have easily reached out for to get a job so I applied as a Cashier at a Marketplace in Coffman Building. I love where I work and I feel like by now I got a real good hang of how things work. I begin to feel that I am always confident with picking up new things because I can easily adapt in new environment!

Do not forget however, it is important to balance your work and academic work in your life because I have seen a lot of people who later decided to quit. It is wise not to overload yourself.

For more information about working on campus for international students, check out International Student and Scholar Services website.