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Enjoying Tennis!


No disrespect to any great tennis players out there, but I am just a guy who simply enjoys playing tennis! 

I have to say tennis is incredibly fun and it sure can kill a lot of calories!

I started learning, well I never learned how to play tennis thanks to my strange coach, but I began to play with my friends with absolutely no knowledge of tennis whatsoever. It took me quite a while until I began to learn how to enjoy it. I can't serve like professionals do but maybe I can hit as hard as them!

Our school has an amazing facility and an outdoor court at a "Baseline Tennis Center". Outdoor courts are free but as you can imagine it is not possible to use most of the time, but as an U of M student you can pay $20 to use the court to play for an hour. Anybody who wants to use it should just call the baseline center and make a reservation!

p.s. I just found out there is a beginner tennis course offered for students to take. I am definitely going to go for a spot next semester!