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Why should you choose Minneapolis?

Hola a todos! Have you wondered where to go to study? Some students look at where their department is been positioned, in terms of prestige, job market and so on. Others look in terms of money and how much less expensive the University will cost them.

… So why to choose the U of M?

According to US News Report Education Rankings, The University of Minnesota Twin Cities's ranking in the 2014 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities was 69 and it is the only school in the NCAA Division I Big Ten Conference that is located in a major city. As a grad student, I can see that freshmen do not necessary have to live on campus, there are exceptional neighborhoods that can also be a plus for getting to know the city better. If you are aware of students organizations, there are more than 600 student organizations, and I am a member of two organizations already: ISA (International Student Ambassador) and CIGS (The Council of International Graduate Students).

Some students are also interested in social life in Minneapolis, MN has a great social life: restaurants, entertained museums, parks, lakes, sports, etc.) In Minneapolis and St Paul you can fine Brazilian, Chinese, Japanese, French, Korean cuisine and a variety of restaurants.  You won’t be able to see them all in 3 or 4 years. The last one I went was Wasabi Fusion Restaurant, where I tasted hibachi. In the US the term "hibachi" refers to a small cooking stove heated by charcoal… and this video describe it all: 

I hope you decide to come to the U of M and enjoy a unique academic and social life.