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How about Housing for my first year away from Home?

It is the time of the year to start thinking about housing for your Freshman year, since it is the first year of college and for most of us, maybe the first year living away from home! 

At this same time last year, I started to wonder "Do I have to cook for myself? What if I don't have time to cook?" Or "Will I be a close friend with my roommate?"

No worries! The University of Minnesota offers on-campus housing called dormitories (dorms) for incoming first year students. The U of M has 9 on-campus residence halls (sometimes also called dormitories or dorms) (with Bailey Hall located in the St. Paul campus, Middlebrook Hall on West Bank, and 7 other halls are on East Bank).

More important, the Living and Learning Communities (LLC) program is a GREAT way to live with other students whom share your same interests. For example, the Carlson LLC housed Carlson freshmen in Territorial Hall, and this provides the opportunity to make friends with other Carlson students as well as study together for a same quiz or test. Another amazing LLC aims at international students is the Students Crossing Borders LLC in Middlebrook Hall. This LLC pairs up an international student with a domestic student, and it allows international students to immerse and learn about American culture! The Housing website provides a convenient LLC locator so that you can find your best interest!

There are hundreds more advantages of living on campus that I can talk about, but it will make this a really long blog! All I'm going to say is to submit your housing application as soon as possible, or right after you read this blog, because the DEADLINE for living in the Living and Learning Communities programs is coming up fast: March 1st, 2014. And the deadline for guaranteed housing is on May 1st, 2014.

As always, if you have any questions regarding housing or anything about the U of M, send us an email to passport@umn.edu !