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Life in a computer lab?

I am sure there are many computer guys/girls out there who might laugh at what I am doing, but I have to tell you that programming in C++ language is quite a challenge for me! In a technological world that we live in, knowing how to use computers is very ubiquitous but I think, for me at least, I find it rare for anyone to know how to program. I never knew anything like this until I had to take the course CSCI 1113 as my major requirement. Just about couple months ago I was complaining why I had to take this course as a math major but now I surely am enjoying programming! Our school has two 24-hour computer labs; there is one in Mechanical Engineering building and another one in Keller hall which is the one I usually go to. I am very thankful that my school is able to provide those 24-hour labs because programming takes forever for me!