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The Connect Program - Your answers to all things U of M!

Have you ever wonder which dorm offers the most services to international students at the U?

Have you ever wonder who are the best professors for your 1000-level classes?

Have you ever wonder which student organization to join during your very first semester of college?

If you are eager to know, the U of M and International Students and Scholars Services offer the "Connect" Program, which pairs you (an admitted student to the University of Minnesota) with two to three international students whom currently enroll in your admitted college. 

Connect is a virtual program, similar to Skype, where you can ask any questions related to student life, academic program, classes, dorms, the weather, the food, and the experiences of living in a foreign country for the first time. More important, you get in-depth answers right away rather than from waiting for emails. 

If you are interested, continue to read emails from the U of M - dates and times will be sent out next month! We will also post here on our blogs so keep reading about our experiences and thinking of your own questions!

One last thing, the Connect Program​ is your opportunity to make new friends, meet other enrolled students, and explore all the resources the U has to offer.