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U of M, Studying Abroad and International Buddy Program (IBP)

U of M, Studying Abroad and International Buddy Program (IBP)

Why are they awesome?

Dear International students!

I want to tell you three things, one awesome, one good and one …maybe not so good. Lets start with not-so-good-one. If you are trying to get into a University abroad, you are most likely going to end up feeling lonely, depressed, angry, irritated, and so on and forth. And it’s absolutely normal. Every great change is super-stressful, if it’s not stressful, then maybe it’s not so great.

Yes, you will leave your loving family and life-long friends behind, nobody is going to make breakfast for you, and at first you are going to have a jet leg, a language barrier, cultural misunderstandings and other shocking discoveries. (Please keep reading)

BUT (this is the good part), every sacrifice will be greatly paid off. You will soon discover plenty of opportunities around you: opportunities to meet people and make friends, opportunities to try new dishes, opportunities to learn things you never even heard about, opportunities to become amazingly fluent at other languages AND at communicating! Maybe you will have to do your own groceries and wash your own socks, but you will gain confidence and independence, that will help you throughout your life!

Here is the awesome part: one of the programs that can help you adjust quicker, much quicker and make you life easier, and not so stressful after arrival is International Buddy Program or IBP.

When you sign up to be a Buddy at IBP, you are going to get your first acquaintance in the US and at the U of M, a Mentor, who has already been studying here for a while and can help you learn the resources available, because, trust me, there is A LOT to learn and see!

The Mentor will provide you with information about academics (colleges, libraries, writing centers, tutors, etc.) and general things (groceries, places to eat, entertainment, etc.). The communication between a Mentor and a Buddy starts before Buddies get to the US – this way when you get here, you will already know somebody and this somebody will be waiting to show you around! If you have some concerns, they will help you with information and advice.

Besides the weekly (on agreement) meetings with your Mentor, IBP will organize a bunch of events with food and entertainment for Buddies and Mentors to socialize and make friends. You will not be lost and alone, you will be part of IBP!

Make your choice: you can stay home and have a comfortable life OR you can dive into a bright world of astonishing new opportunities, new friendships and life-changing experiences, including washing your own socks!

See you there :)


More Information about IBP can be found here!