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Mike's Story

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Mike Golman is a senior Biomedical engineering student at the University of Minnesota. He was born in Russia and spent part of his life in Japan and in Thailand. Four  years ago, when he first came to Minnesota, he knew that he was good at engineering but did not know what he wanted to do with engineering. The University provided him a lot of opportunities to experience social networking, and he realized that he liked people and wanted to help people. During his first semester at the University of Minnesota, he finally realized that he wanted to major in Biomedical engineering. For the past four years, he has done a lot of achievement as an International student and as a biomedical engineering student. He received Undergraduate Research Funding, and he has been involved in the biomedical research team for 4 years already. His research focuses on biomechanics of spinal discs, and he is finally publishing his own paper this winter. He also ran as a vice president of Japanese Student Association and built a strong network. He said that the University provided him not only high quality of education but also provided a lot of opportunities to be involved in major researches, to meet people from all over the world, and to be engaged in social communities. Lastly, he said that the most valuable thing he earned from the U of M is that he realized what he was passionate about.