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Trip to Trinidad & Tobago: Being a Grad student

I had the opportunity to travel to Trinidad & Tobago, an island from the Caribbean. I assisted to a Conference named “Continuities, Challenges and Transformations in Caribbean Gender Relations”. The most important eventuality of the trip was being able to be part of the culture, understand their language (a combination of Papiamentu, a Creole language and English), and getting a better understanding of what the Caribbean. My current research is related to this place, but every single country has their particularities. I could still feel the legacy of the British colonialism and the transformations of their nation. The University of Minnesota provides financial aid. As a student you can apply to the department you are enroll in and also to GAPSA  and COGS. Me and my friend Amy made a video to show you a bit where we were at and also I spoke in Spanish while my friend translated what I said. I hope you can get some words/sentences. This is one of the advantages to be part of the U of M.​








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