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Is anyone there?!?!? This is Shoichi from International Student Ambassador and I need help!!

I am being chased by whole bunch of zombies!!!!!









Oh no…..

I turned into a zombie myself tooooooo!!!!






Okay, you are probably wondering why I am shouting like crazy in a blog which you know is not the best place to ask for help at.

You are also probably wondering what on the earth is going on the picture.


Let me tell you where I took these…

I took them at an event called,

The Zombie Pub Crawl!

This was recorded as the WORLD’S LARGEST GATHERING OF ZOMBIE last year (30,000 of them), and this year there were still loooots of zombies!! It takes place right by University of Minnesota Twin-Cities campus!


What do you do at this event?

Basically what you do is you can dress up as zombie using Halloween costume, paint blood, or anything that can make you look like a zombie. Then you are going to go to the pub area by Westbank area and eat grills and drink pop or beer!!

There is no purpose to this event, but I personally think it is an awesome thing because people just want to have fun! I can really see that at events in United States, that people just want to have fun!! I really like that spirit.

You will see a lot of events like this in Minnesota, or America. And you will see people having fun. Come here and have fun with us!!



And some Behind the Scenes...

Applying zombie makeup