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Where am I?

Hi people!
This is Shoichi from International Student Ambassador! What's up!
I have a questions that I need to ask you...
Please look at these pictures.
Where am I?

Am I shooting a movie?

Am I time-traveling?

I wish.

Well, not really. I like 21th century just fine


Okay, no more joking....

I went to great Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2013!!

It's one of the biggest annual events in Minnesota!


So, what is this event about? As you can see from the picture, people dress up as if they are in 16th century. Not only people, but also all the booth and buildings are made like they are from old-English time. Some of the food are kind of from the past. There are some entertainment going on such as jousting and funny skit. Most people speak in old fashion English too.

Renaissance Festival lasts for several weekends and each weekends have different themes of things they celebrate. The one I went was Oktobefest, which is German beer festival, so they were selling some old-fashioned beer.

I personally loved this event very much, partially because it was way better than what I was expecting it to be. I heard that this event is about a history, so I was only expecting to see people dressing up and enjoy the atmosphere of old times. But when I got there, things were different from what I thought. First of all the place smelled good with all the food and drinks!! Then I found out that the place is very big and there are lots of shops and attractions all of which were very attractive. 

When I was about to buy an old-fashioned drink, I saw a woman in front of me holding a very cool designed mug with a lid. Yes, you guessed it, I couldn't think of anything else until I found where they were selling it. It was that awesome. 

I ate some turkey legs and very sweet crepes. My friends especially Tony really loved turkey leg. Way too much. But food there overall were good!!!!! I love root beer too much.
I also rode elephant and camel for the first time in my life and it was an interesting experience.
I didn't get to see the famous jousting match, but my friend Duke went there later and took great pictures. Thanks to him.


What I feel every time when I go to events in America is that worker there are really into entertaining guests. Being nice is important but I think almost every worker there go beyond just pleasing guests. They are very cheerful and outgoing and they have fun with guests together. They just make you want to shout out "woooooo" you know.
So, if you come to Minnesota, or United States, there are a lot of events going on and you will for sure have FUN at each of them. Only things you need is a little bit of money and your mind ready to have fun!!
I will post blogs about other interesting and exciting events too, so stay tuned!