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All Roads Lead to Rome (U Study Abroad Program)

We are called international students since we came from all over the world. By this identification, we do know the benefit of studying abroad.

This summer, Thanks to the University of Minnesota. I pushed the definition of international students and studies in Rome for the May.

Sometimes, international students would think:"we came to the United States already, there's no needs to study abroad again." Well, I would say, it would be a waste of resources somehow if you think this way.

As international students, we paid higher tuition fees than inner state students. Those study abroad program charges the same for both international students or domestic students. A lot of domestic students think it's expensive to do any of these study abroad programs, and if they know our bills every semester, they would say it's expensive, too.Most study abroad program in the U cost almost the same as it cost here for international students, especially for the summer program since summer classes at the U are more expensive than regular semester. Study here and study abroad are financial even, why not have a experiences in another corner of the world and make yourself more international.

That was exactly what I was thinking this summer, then I made it. I'm a landscape design and planning student, I also minor in art. Lots work I studied and read from class and text, I was able to see by my own eyes directly.

Since I was a student studying art history in Rome, I had deeper understanding of Rome rather than a tourist. I walked by the St. Peter's dome everyday to school rather than pass by the Capitol of St. Paul's dome even the latter is actually modeled after the former. We observed Bernini's crafting talent in front of his great rather than zoom in a very blurring PowerPoint slide.It is all about experiences, those experiences that would marked on my college life and have long-lasting influences.