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Involvement=Key to Sucess

Hello everyone, my name is Young, one of the International Student Ambassadors.

I am going to introduce you to how to become successful as an international student here in the University of Minnesota.

This is the picture of my Pledge Class for Professional Business Fraternity (DELTA SIGMA PI)

Delta Sigma Pi Pledge Photo 2013 There are two tips for you.

  1. Get Involved. Getting involved means that you have to find student organizations (clubs or fraternity or social meetings) with people with similar ideas and JOIN. 

 Personally, my first 2 weeks were"horrible" because I had no friends, and everybody around me were Americans. However, my whole college life had a critical transition through INVOLVEMENT in the community.

 I joined a professional fraternity (Fraternity= Fraternity provides Greek life that people in the college get together and pursue their interests and success) called Delta Sigma Pi. Also, because I love to sing, I tried out for a Acapella group called Basses Wild, but I did not make it into the group. Even if you don't make it into join the group, Do Not Settle. Keep doing what you are doing. Also, I became an International Student Ambassador. There are so many opportunities you can get from the University of Minnesota. Please do not be shy, just move forward.

     2. Tell the Truth! When you meet Americans, tell them that you are not very good at English, so they have to teach you English.

American students in the University of Minnesota are very nice. When I first came here, I knew how to speak English because I stayed in America for awhile before coming to the U. However, I still experienced lots of communication barriers with Americans. This happens even if you are good at English because Americans grew up in different environment where they watched different TV shows and movies. I wanted to solve this problem because I WANTED AMERICAN FRIENDS! Therefore, what I did was I just told people that I am bad at English, so please teach me and I will learn as hard as I can. Then, my friends started to understand me and generously started to teach me anything I could not understand when I was talking with them. People do not hate you because you do not speak English well. They appreciate you that you are trying to become friends with them. The only important thing is to show who you are. Language does not disrupts friendship. Therefore, just approach them, and talk. (BODY LANGUAGE HELPS A LOT!)

This is a link to search student organization. http://sua.umn.edu/groups/