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10 Places to Visit Before You Graduate (St. Paul campus)

Hello guys! How is your summer going? Wonderful! Awesome! Me too. Today I would like to share my ten favorites places on the St. Paul campus. St. Paul campus is my base. I study here, work here and live here. I love it. Although the title is "10...
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Ambassador Summer Research Series - Prashasti Bhatnagar

Hi guys! Today I talked to Prashasti as part of our Ambassador Summer Research Series. Prashasti is working as a Cancer Disparities Intern at the Program in Health Disparities Research in the University of Minnesota Medical School, Twin Cities. As...
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A study group? Should I try this out?

You will probably hear lot of college students, especially those of scientific majors, say that courses such as general chemistry and calculus are difficult and students try so hard to get an A. They will tell you that they struggle get above the...
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A chat with future iSuccess mentors

Hi guys, I spoke recently with Tianxue Hu (Tess) and Jiacheng Zhang (James) about their experience with the iSuccess program and how they're looking forward to participate again this year, this time as mentors. What is iSuccess? James described it...
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New to the U and Want to Make Friends? Join IBP Buddy & Mentor Program!

Hey guys! Today I would like to introduce the Buddy & Mentor Program hosted by International Buddy Program (IBP) where I am working as an Event Coordinator. If you are a new student coming to the U, apply for a buddy and get advice from your...
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UMN summer research series – Fabio Hodo

Hi guys, Now that it is summer, our ambassadors are on their break. Many students choose to use this time to go back home and relax, work, take summer classes or do research at the university, among other things. We wanted to do a special series at...
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Amazing Yellowstone road trip

Hello everyone! I hope that you all are having a fabulous beginning to summer vacation! I was so excited to start my summer break with a fantastic road trip to Yellowstone National Park. The view along the road was beautiful as well as in...
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Feeling Foreign at Home? The Struggles of Reverse Culture Shock

All international students face a culture shock when we begin our studies in the United States. Getting accustomed to the different weather, being away from your family for the first time, having to speak a different language, and dealing with...
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Biking in the Minneapolis summer!

This is my second time staying in Minneapolis over the summer break doing research, and guess what I have been doing when I am not working on my research projects or studying for the GRE? I get out and bike! Well, not ALL the time, but fairly often...
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Diary and Meat Salesroom: Your Cub Foods on campus

Hello guys! Today I would like to share my favorite place on campus with you. It is a place where I can buy yummy ice cream, fresh meat, sweet honey and delicious cheese. Where is the place? Right here at the Diary and Meat Salesroom on the...