Twin Cities

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Timberwolves game with Ambassadors

Minnesota has several professional sports teams including the Minnesota Twins (baseball), Minnesota Timberwolves (basketball) and Minnesota Vikings (American Football). All three stadiums where the teams play are actually a 5 minute lightrail ride...
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Renaissance Revival Masterpiece- The Minnesota State Capitol

This winter, Ambassador Kevin and I took a tour of the Minnesota State Capitol along with a large group of students from the International Buddy Program. The Minnesota State Capitol is located in St. Paul, the capital of the state of Minnesota. For...
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Spring Break Plans

Hi everyone! Spring Break is a rejuvenating time for all the students that gives them the opportunity to relax, vacation with friends and get a head start on the rest of the semester. For my Spring Break, I chose to work on campus at the Community...
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My Gopher Adventure (VIDEO)

​Hello guys, So in order to answer all the questions I have been asked, I decided to show you rather than tell you. Enjoy this video of my experiences here at the University of Minnesota!
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Skiing is Love at the Very First Swoosh!

Many of us dread the winter because of the cold and the unbearable pain it comes with when we slip on ice. But, it is a different feeling when slipping down a slope is fun and falling several times is not painful anymore. This winter break, my...
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ISA go ice skating!

On Saturday four of our ambassadors went together to an ice rink called The Depot in downtown Minneapolis for a true Minnesota experience. (Left to right: Heather, Bach, Kevin, Leo) (YES!!!#SELFIE#) On the way to the Depot, on the new light rail...
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Red Bull Crashed Ice

Red Bull Crashed Ice is an extreme winter sporting event. This sport is a mix of speed skating and downhill skating. Contestants compete in a track that contains steep turns and insane vertical drops. In each round of competition, four skaters will...
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Student Events

In early November I was invited to take part in an event held by the Indian Student Association . This event, which was a three-hour long fashion and dance show , gave me a much better understanding of the Indian culture in a fun way! Admission was...
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Campus Wide Apocalypse

What makes an event a “good one”, or rather, a “successful one?" The unfortunately disappointing consensus of an answer would be careful planning, clearly defined purpose, teamwork between all related parties, etc. etc. etc.; we've all heard those...
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Great Thanksgiving Feast with my Extended Family in MN!

Hello guys!!! Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving~ I know some of my friends enjoyed trips to New York City, Chicago and Seattle. For me, I just stayed in Minneapolis. It sounds lonely to stay here when most of my friends left for home. However, I was...