Success Stories

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My Father's Experience at the U of M (Spanish & English)

Quisiera expresar dos elementos de mi experiencia en esa bella ciudad . El primero tiene que ver con las miradas, que desde otros espacios físicos y/o intelectuales, pueden ser bastante gratificantes, alimentadores y generadores de cambios...
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Graduation Party for International Students 2014

We celebrated the Graduation Party, 2014 for International Students last Friday at the Weisman Art Musseum at the U of M. Here's some impressions and remembrances from the students
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ISSS - Your New Family

Once you've decided to come to the US, you'll be encountering a lot of words starting with the letter "I ". International Independent I-20 Ice Insulator Immigration iPhone That's when you know you are now an "international student". There's one "I"...
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What’s the Council of International Graduate Students?

Council of International Graduate Students (CIGS) is a new recognized student organization established by international graduate students at the beginning of 2014. CIGS is the only one of its kind at Big Ten University (also among leading American...
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Life in a computer lab?

I am sure there are many computer guys/girls out there who might laugh at what I am doing, but I have to tell you that programming in C++ language is quite a challenge for me! In a technological world that we live in, knowing how to use computers is...
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Why the College of Liberal Arts?

Choosing a college within a University was kind of a foreign concept to me, especially when I had to pick College of Liberal Arts instead of "school of anthropology" or "school of music" as I would have to do back home. Most universities in...
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Need More Sleep!

Winter break is over, and classes just resumed. Talks about trips, food, boredom and jet lag flooded the whole campus. I was one of the few international students who didn’t go back home during the break mainly because I was just too busy to buy a...
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I got an Internship!

Carlson School of Management has a lot of resources available for their students. They host Career & Internship Fair every semester that more than 100 recruiters from local and national companies are coming to recruit Carlson students. The...
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2013: An Incredible Year for a Grad Student

There are so many differences in terms of culture that we, as International Students, know they exist. One of them, is the idea of creating new resolutions. Nevertheless, in my home country, Colombia, we think more about the past than the future. I...
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U of M, Studying Abroad and International Buddy Program (IBP)

U of M, Studying Abroad and International Buddy Program (IBP) Why are they awesome? Dear International students! I want to tell you three things, one awesome, one good and one …maybe not so good. Lets start with not-so-good-one. If you are trying to...