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Myth of the Winter in Minnesota

Winter in Minnesota is notoriously cold in the United States. But should you and I fear it? I will be honest, winter in Minnesota is definitely colder than most states in the US. Temperatures commonly drop below 0 degrees Celsius (below 32 deg...
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Miles from Home, Gaining Miles of Maturity

Before coming to the United States, the thought of studying in America seemed easy and relaxing. Maybe the worst thing we could think of at that time was missing home, familiar food, and our friends and family. But once we were here, we would think...
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Cornercopia: A student initiative at the U of M and what comes of it!

Just recently I found out that there is a student-run farm at the U of M! It's called Cornercopia and it was founded in 2004 solely thanks to students' initiative. (Doesn't that speak to what impressive, motivate students are here?!) They grow...
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Some Advice for Incoming Undergrads

Hola! Today I would like to give some advice to incoming undergraduate students who decided to take a literary class or a language class. You can apply this advice to other courses you will take as well. Besides being an international student I’m...
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A cautionary tale...

(Barely completing your 8-hour beauty sleep...) 7:00 am - Alarm... Snooze! 7:01 am - Snooze again 7:02 am - Snooze again. Promises to wake up next 10 minutes 7:12 am - Snooze AGAIN... (Class starting in 10 minutes) 8:50 am - "RING!!" 8:51 am - Shirt...
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Ernst & Young Global Perspective Conference 2014

This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the 2014 EY Global Perspective Conference in downtown Chicago. This conference brings in students from universities across the Midwest to learn about EY and the professional services industry...
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Want to get the most out of your freshman year as International Student? Here's how!

My freshman year has been over for almost a month, and I would say, I've had one of the craziest, most rewarding, and most meaningful years of my life. Here's how: 1. LIVE IN THE DORM One of the best decisions I made was to live on campus, in a dorm...
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Dieting in College?

While all the kids in my school were growing taller, I was expanding wider. Of course, this didn’t keep going on forever; otherwise by now, I’d be a balloon. To me, college is a new chapter of life both physically and mentally. So I decided to make...
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It's Summer!

Summer in Minnesota: It's safe and fun indoors